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Antifreeze, standard or pink

Antifreeze, either standard or pink, is accepted at the Drop-Off Station and Recovery Yard for a small fee, and Washtenaw County's Home Toxics disposal program.


Recycle Right!

Wherever you take antifreeze, make sure it is stored in an extremely secure container.  Do not mix antifreeze with other substances.


Live Zero Waste!

Try to use up all antifreeze, so you do not have to worry about figuring out how to dispose of it. Once opened, antifreeze lasts around 8 years.


Other Places This is Accepted

  1. Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe accepts antifreeze for recycling

While we do our best to stay updated on alternative reuse and recycling locations, we recommend that you call locations before taking your item(s) to confirm that they currently accept them. 

Accepted at:

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