UPDATE: Recycle Ann Arbor Reuse Center, Drop-Off Station, Recovery Yard and Main Office are CLOSED. Please call 662-6288 or email info@recycleannarbor.org with questions. Curbside Recycling Collection will continue on your scheduled day. Read our complete Covid-19 Response under our latest news.

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Building materials, reusable

Building materials that are in good, sellable condition are accepted for donation at the ReUse Center.


Recycle Right!

The ReUse Center does not accept: shower doors, lumber less than 4’ long, nail-fitted/twisted/rotted wood, sheet goods less than half original size, non-tempered glass storm doors, doors with suspected lead paint, ceiling tiles, and paints/solvents.


Live Zero Waste!

Donating unwanted building materials is the best way to ensure that they will be reused!

Accepted at:

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