Trailer Rental, Pick Up, and Delivery Service

For the convenience of customers that do not have access to a vehicle suitable for transporting their waste, recycling, or compost and mulch, the Drop-Off Station offers both a pickup service and a trailer rental service.

The trailers are 5 - 1/2' x 8 - 1/2' and hold 5 Cubic Yards of material.

Services Guide - Dump Trailer Rental

Dump Trailer Rental

The trailer can be rented and placed on site for use in a do-it-yourself project or house/basement clearance. The usual rental period is 48 hours. The cost for rental is $190.00 including disposal fees.

The trailer can hold a maximum of 5 cubic yards, the following applies:

  • The trailer can not be placed on grass, it must be on a driveway.
  • Customers must not hitch the trailer during the rental period.
  • The trailer must not be overloaded.
  • The trailer can not be used for concrete.
  • There is a $30 fee for each additional day.
  • Items listed on the Do Not Accept List are prohibited.

Pick-Up Service

A pick-up service can be arranged by calling the Drop-Off Station. The fee for a pick up of 2 cubic yards is $100. Every additional cubic yard, above two, is $30 up to a maximum of 5 cubic yards $190.00

  • The items to be picked up must be outside of the home and easy to reach.
  • Additional fees will be charged if there is extensive loading time required.
  • Cash, Checks and Credit Cards are accepted.
  • The pick up of items listed on the Do Not Accept List is prohibited.
  • Excess concrete amounts can not be picked up in the trailer.

Delivery Service

A delivery service is available for customers wishing to purchase compost, woodchip, and mulch. The Drop-Off Station can deliver up to 5 cubic yards of product per delivery.

The delivery fee is $80.00 per journey, the following applies:

  • Under no circumstances will the driver drive over a grassed area.
  • Typically the delivery area is within a 10-mile radius of the Drop-Off Station.
  • Fees for excess mileage/time are charged for deliveries expected to take excessive time when outside of the ten-mile radius.
  • Heavy rain prior to the delivery may require postponement of service.
  • The delivery of two different products in the same trailer WILL lead to mixing of the products.
  • A clear indication of the dump location for the product must be given or the area should be marked with a tarp or sign.

For information on compost, woodchip and mulch products see here.