To recycle or not Recycle Pizza Boxes?

To recycle or not recycle pizza boxes? Many communities, including Ann Arbor, hear this question often. The answer is that the Ann Arbor community does accept pizza boxes in the curbside recycling cart - as long as a few simple steps are followed to reduce possible contamination.

To better spread the message, we have partnered with Cottage Inn Pizza to educate the community about recycling pizza boxes. Starting on August 17th, all four Ann Arbor Cottage Inn store locations have a flyer (see image) affixed to pizza deliveries and available in-store. The initial run-time is expected to last until around Labor Day (Sept 7th).

College students and pizza are a winning combination, which led to our launch time targeting the period of University of Michigan (UM) student move-in (2015-2016 school year). Many UM students have come from another community, with different recycling rules, so we envision this campaign being a way to get the message about “recycling right” delivered into their hands.

Myranda Grim, Public Relations & Communications Manager of Cottage Inn, had this to say about the partnership: "Tree Town (Ann Arbor) means a lot to us and we are always looking for ways to better the community in any way that we can. Being that our product is served fresh daily in recyclable materials, it was a no-brainer to get involved in a program that would spread the knowledge of proper disposal. We are excited to pair up with Recycle Ann Arbor, and can’t wait to see the positive impact we can make on our environment!"

If you want to help spread the word about recycling pizza boxes right, download this flyer and share it widely within the Ann Arbor community. Questions about the campaign or have a similar idea? Email to continue the discussion.