Materials Recovery Facility

In November 2020, Recycle Ann Arbor signed a contract with the City of Ann Arbor that authorized RAA to rebuild the previously shuttered Ann Arbor Area Materials Recovery Facility and begin processing materials local upon completion of the facility in November 2021. Currently RAA is working with a team of experts to design a state of the art facility that will be equip to handle 40,000 tons/ year/ per shift.  The new facility will incorporate optics, AI technology and eventually robotics to optimize handling of materials. 


  • Recycle Ann Arbor [RAA]

  • Nothing Left to Waste

  • Resource Recycling Systems [RRS] 

  • Tim Brownell, Monterey Regional Waste Management District Director of Operations 

  • Rumpke Waste and Recycling  

  • Machinex 


A Zero Waste MRF 

Recycle Ann Arbor’s MRF will be guided by a triple bottom line approach, with equal preference given to each: 

Zero Waste, Community, and Sustainability.

Highest Value/ Best Use Recycling Principle 

Through only accepting materials that can be authentically recycled, and when possible, utilizing end markets that allow for those materials to be recycled over and over again. Only then does recycling provide the greatest gains.


MRF Scalehouse Operator
Brenda Boone, long time Recycle Ann Arbor employee and new MRF Scalehouse Operator. 



MRF timeline