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Monday, November 19, 2012

AAPS New Recycling Program

Huron High Green Team. Front row left to right: Gabby Steinl, Jiaao Hou, and Jungsoo Chang. Back row left to right: Gary Huang, Julie Dejnozka, Hani Elhor, Sumeyye KorkayaIn celebration of America Recycles Day, Recycle Ann Arbor is partnering with the Ann Arbor Public Schools and the City of Ann Arbor to distribute recycling collection boxes to all classrooms this fall, which started on America Recycles Day, November 15. 

To promote inner-school recycling, 33-gallon cardboard collection boxes will be placed within all AAPS classrooms and offices. The boxes will be clearly labeled to indicate the recycling of paper, bottles and cans. This will be the first time recycling collection boxes have been distributed district-wide in over a decade.

This movement was spearheaded by Huron High School’s own Green Team, made up of students Jungsoo Chan, Hani Ehlor, Jiaao Hou, Sumeyye Korkaya and Gabby Steinl. The team wanted to further develop the recycling program at Huron High, by implementing the use of collection boxes and also educating students about recycling. The Green Team wrote a recycling proposal with the assistance of RAA’s Kendra Pyle, detailing the improvements they wanted to see occurring at their school. Green Team members also created a recycling poster and video to educate students about what can and can’t be recycled.

With the help of Pyle; Nancy Stone, Tom McMurtrie and Carina Easley-Appleyard from the City of Ann Arbor; and Director of Operations at AAPS Brad Mellor, the recycling initiative was expanded to include all the Ann Arbor Public Schools. The new bins were distributed at Huron for America Recycles Day, and will be distributed to the rest of the Ann Arbor Public Schools during the week of November 26. A recycling workshop will also be held for custodial staff as part of their in service training on November 21.

Along with the collection box distribution, the Green Team has started a bottle and can drive within Huron High’s cafeteria. Their goal is to collect 2000 cans. As of Wednesday, they had collected 611 cans, requiring Vice Principal Edmonson to wear a Beyoncé wig all day. For 2000 cans, the three school administrators will surprise students with a performance at the school’s Multi-Cultural Event on December 21.

With these new programs underway, the Green Team hopes to see a significant increase in the amount of recycling for schools in Ann Arbor.

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