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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jack Middlebrook joins RAA Team

Gary And JackRecycle Ann Arbor welcomed Jack Middlebrook to the RAA team on Monday, November 26th. Jack will be taking over as the ReUse Center Manager when Gary Urick retires on December 14th.

Gary has been the ReUse Center Manager for the past 12 years. In this time he has built strong relationships with customers and, in line with RAA’s mission, has done much to benefit both the community and the environment. He has nurtured the development of the Urbanwood section of the Center and fostered great business and customer relationships. RAA wishes him every happiness for his retirement and hopes that he comes by often.

Staff and customers alike are sad to see Gary leaving the organization but wish him all the best in the future. Customers responded to the news with both sadness and good luck wishes:

“Gary pleased to hear your good news but sad we won’t see your smiling face in our Saturday Loop. Best wishes for a well deserved and a relaxing retirement. You will be missed.”

“The Betty Brigade and I will miss you Gary!”

“Good luck Gary! You will be missed for sure!”

Gary will be transitioning the ReUse Center Manager’s role to Jack Middlebrook over the next few weeks. Gary’s final day is December 14th.

Jack has been working alongside Gary for a week, and says he is thrilled about his new career opportunity and job challenges. He has been a part of the Ann Arbor community since the 1970′s when his family ran a ice cream store downtown on Washington called ‘The Sweet Chalet’.  He spent his summers on roller skates delivering lunch to artists in their booths during the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Jack has been a hockey player all his life and lives for the sport; he has been skating at rinks in Ann Arbor since 1978.

Jack sees great promise for the future of the ReUse Center and Recycle Ann Arbor. He will take pride in continuing to make the ReUse Center an enjoyable place to shop, donate, and mingle with the local community. He’s looking forward to meeting the regular customers and welcoming new people to shop and donate goods this holiday season and into the New Year.