All Divisions of Recycle Ann Arbor will be closed on Monday, May 27th, to observe the Memorial Day holiday. Curbside Recycling Pickup will be delayed by one day and run until Saturday.

Our Work in the Community

We have deep roots in the Ann Arbor community having first begun collecting recyclables over 40 years ago in 1977. The early years were a true grassroots program: just a truck and some concerned Ann Arbor citizens with the initiative to make a difference. This is our community and we give back by the service we provide, the partnerships we create, and the programs we support.

Together we can make a difference.

Our Community Programs

Change Round-Up

Visit the ReUse Center to donate. Each quarter we collect donations for a different charity. Currently, we are collecting donations for the Ecology Center.

Ecology Center

The Ecology Center has been helping develop innovative solutions for healthy people and a healthy planet since 1970. Today, the climate crisis is unprecedented in all of human history. At the same time, we face multiple intersecting political, economic, social and spiritual crises including inequality, challenges to democratic institutions, and threats to all living systems as a result not only of climate change, but because of the unsustainable way we grow food, build and move products and power the world. These problems spring from a common source and must be addressed together. You can be part of the solution by donating to support our work:

  • Testing everyday products for toxic chemicals.     
  • Advocating for clean energy and clean air & water.     
  • Providing Environmental Education for K-12   
  • Pushing for policies that protect us from toxic chemicals.     
  • Creating solutions to combat the climate crisis. 

Past Recipients of Change Round-Up


Recycle Ann Arbor Teams up with Give 365 to Clean up the Huron River

Sure we love recycling. But, when it comes to the problem of plastic, we'd prefer that it didn't exist in the first place. Plastic pollution is an epidemic. Regardless of great recycling, most plastic inevitably ends up as pollution. Often in our precious waterways. You've probably seen a lot of recent news reporting on the giant garbage patch floating in the ocean, and countless horror stories of plastic forks being pried from turtles' noses and fish washing up on beaches, their bellies full of plastic. Horrible as this all is, sometimes the problem feels far removed and overwhelming. However, the problem begins in our backyards– in our rivers, our kitchens, our local stores, and with our habits. Recycle Ann Arbor teamed up with Give 365 and spent a day on the Huron River getting an up-close look at pollution in our vital waterway, the river that's our source of water. This pollution finds its way into our river and then is carried off to Lake Erie, and believe it or not eventually out to the Atlantic. Since we know where the problem begins, we can take steps to prevent it. By reducing our plastic use, being sure to dispose of the waste we do create responsibly, and supporting local policies to help prevent pollution, bit by bit, we can make a difference.