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Aerosol cans, not empty

Common products that come in aerosol cans include bug spray, WD-40, air freshener, bathroom cleaners, and hairspray. If the cans have any product left in them, take them to Washtenaw County's Home Toxics disposal site.


Recycle Right!

Do not put nonempty aerosol cans in your curbside recycling bin because the liquids inside could leak out and many of them are have hazardous chemicals in them. Washtenaw County's Home Toxics disposal site accepts nonempty aerosol cans for proper disposal. Save yourself a future trip by viewing Washtenaw County's list of accepted items before you go in case you have anything else to dispose of at their site.


Live Zero Waste!

Follow all of the storage instructions for the cans, that way you can use the entire bottle and minimize how much you are wasting. Before buying new, seek out alternatives that are not in aerosol cans. Many cleaners and air fresheners can be made at home with few ingredients!


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