Drop-Off Services

Moving/Packaging Materials

Moving home can result in excessive waste being produced in the form of packaging materials and discarded items. To combat this Recycle Ann Arbor produced the Green Your Move Brochure.

Not only can the drop off station assist customers with the responsible recycling and reuse of unwanted items, we seek to reuse moving and packaging materials.

The Drop-Off Station offers a range of low-cost packaging materials to customers. Recycle Ann Arbor prioritize reuse above recycling as the best environmental option for many products, and as such tries to ensure items that can be reused are.

Packing materials available for pick up include:

  • Moving Boxes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Peanuts

Supplies of these materials are often limited, please call for current availability and pricing.

Secure Shredding Services

Recycle Ann Arbor offers the secure destruction of documentation and hard drives at the Drop-Off Station. For a fee, customers can receive written confirmation from the recycler that their items have been destroyed. The service uses lock boxes located at the Drop-Off Station, the items are shredded offsite. Details of the fees are available on the Drop-Off Station Price List.

Document Shredding Service

  • Charges for this service are levied by the grocery bag or banker box.
    Please limit 10 banker boxes per person (per day). If you have more than 10 boxes, please call ahead of time to schedule drop-off. 
  • The $3 gate entry fee is also payable.
  • A certificate of destruction is available, by request, from Recycle Ann Arbor's main office.
  • For ease of service, the papers should be stacked flat, not torn or wadded up.
  • Customers are required to stay on site until all their documents are placed securely in the locked box.

Hard Drive Shredding Service

  • Additional fees apply if an RAA staff member is required to remove the hard drive for the CPU or Laptop.
  • Customers are required to fill in paperwork on site recording the serial number of the hard drive.
  • A valid email address must be provided by the customer to ensure the certificate of destruction is received.
  • Customers are required to stay on site until all the information is recorded and they have witnessed the hard drive being placed in the lock box.