Drop-Off Waste & Recycling Tips

How it works

When first arriving on site, please stop at the gatehouse to have your materials assessed by the attendant and pay the appropriate fees. The gatehouse attendant will then direct you to where your items should be placed in the designated drop-off areas. Please take note that during your visit, you may need to stop at multiple areas and containers on site. The Drop-Off Station has a predominately one-way traffic flow.

Most household recycling items are located in the indoor "Barn" area. The outdoor "Hill" area has containers for landfill waste, yard waste, metal, tires, and concrete. Please pay close attention to the instructions given by the gatehouse attendant and refer to the map if needed.

Drop off station

Loading Tips to save time and money

It is highly recommended to separate recyclable materials from general waste before arriving at the Drop-Off Station. This will help save time and money. You should also separate your yard waste, electronics, trash, metal products, cardboard, paper, and general single-stream recyclables into different areas of your vehicle. 

It is particularly important to keep materials separated if you are clearing out a home or basement or have rented a large truck that you intend to fill. By following this guidance, the gatehouse attendant can correctly and efficiently assess your materials, enabling quick and easy unloading and avoiding congestion onsite. 

Further material separation in advance is encouraged whenever possible. Keeping newspapers, magazines, boxboard (e.g., cereal boxes), and books separate from your other paper recycling will result in quick offloading and exiting from the building.