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Aerosol cans, empty

Empty aerosol cans are accepted in Ann Arbor curbside recycling bins. Additionally, they are accepted for recycling at the Drop-Off Station and Recovery Yard.


Recycle Right!

Before you throw the can in your recycling bin, please ensure that it is indeed empty because if it has any chemicals left in it could cause hazardous chemicals to contaminate the rest of the recyclables in the load.


Live Zero Waste!

Make sure to completely use up the products inside of aerosol cans so they are easier to recycle. It might be smart to not "stock up" on aerosol cans, as it is easy to waste the leftover cans that may still be full. Before buying new, seek out alternatives that are not in aerosol cans. Many cleaners and air fresheners can be made at home with few ingredients!


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