All Divisions of Recycle Ann Arbor will be closed on Monday, May 27th, to observe the Memorial Day holiday. Curbside Recycling Pickup will be delayed by one day and run until Saturday.

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Garments, t-shirts, and shoes

Textiles such as garments (clothing) and shoes that are unwearable, damaged, or torn/stained are accepted for recycling at the Drop-Off Station. Garments and shoes must be clean of dirt/debris and dry. Buttons and zippers are accepted on garments. Large bulky items such as sheets, bedding, pillows, towels, upholstery, hats, belts, etc. are not accepted at the Drop-Off Station.


Recycle Right!

Garments and shoes must be clean, dry, and bagged before dropping off. More than three bags will be subject to additional recycling fees at the Drop-Off Station. Do not put clothing, shoes, or textiles in your curbside recycling cart. These materials can jam up the machinery, causing damage and delays, and creating unsafe conditions for our workers.


Choose Zero Waste!

Repurpose old textiles by using them for cleaning rags, sewing projects, and crafts or as packing materials. Visit your local thrift or reuse store to buy clothing, shoes, and other textiles instead of buying new. 

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