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Bamboo Products

Bamboo products such as bamboo utensils (only until Dec 3, 2023), bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo dish scrubbers, and bamboo hair brushes are all accepted in A2 curbside compost. To compost products with bristles such as toothbrushes and hair brushes, you should remove the bristles (click on more info to find out how) or snap off the part of the product that contains bristles.


Compost Right!

Make sure to remove the bristles from products such as toothbrushes and hair brushes, so you are only composting the bamboo. To remove the bristles, you can either snap the section of the product with bristles off and dispose of separately, or pull the bristles out with pliers. If you opt for the plier method, grab small sections of bristles and use a slight rolling of the wrist to remove them. Removed bristles can be recycled, but since they are so small, they can only be recycled if they are placed securely inside of another plastic recyclable (such as a plastic jar with the cap screwed on tight).


Live Zero Waste!

Using bamboo products such as toothbrushes, dish scrubbers, and utensils are widely accepted as sustainable by the zero waste community, as long as you compost them (removing bristles/other non-compostable parts) when it is time for a new one. Products such as toothbrushes can also be reused for cleaning before they need to be disposed of.

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