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Aluminum foil, tins, trays

Aluminum foil, tins, and trays that are clean and free of food waste are accepted for recycling in curbside recycling carts and at the Drop-Off Station and Recovery Yard. Aluminum can be recycled repeatedly without losing its quality.


Recycle Right!

Aluminum foil, tins, and trays must be clean and free of food waste and grease. Roll aluminum into a ball at least 3 inches in diameter (the size of your fist). Making it into a larger, 3-dimensional form helps it get sorted into the proper place at the Materials Recovery Facility. If it is flattened, the machines may sort it into the paper line. If it's too small, it won't make it through the recycling sorting process and will drop through the cracks of the machines, resulting in it being treated as trash and not recycled. 


Choose Zero Waste!

Reduce your use of aluminum foil by greasing reusable pans or by purchasing reusable nonstick pan liners. Purchase aluminum foil that contains recycled content. Aluminum foil is actually very reusable. You can use it for art projects/children's toys, and if you combine it with baking soda, you can scrub grease off of a stove/pan, or if you lay silverware over a sheet of it, the silver will take longer to tarnish.

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