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Binders, 3-ringed

3-ringed binders are most commonly used as school/office organization. They are accepted at the Drop-Off Station, and may be accepted at locations throughout the A2 Reuse Network.


Recycle Right!

Since 3-ringed binders are made out of a variety of materials - some of which are recyclable and some that are not, they cannot go in the curbside bins.


Live Zero Waste!

Reuse binders for things such as storing important papers, like receipts, bills, deposit slips, and tax returns. If you don't think you will reuse the binder, check with friends, family, co-workers, local schools, etc. to see if anyone else could put them to use. You can take apart binders and reuse the materials, like the metal spine or covers.


Are there other places that accept 3-ringed binders?

Students and teachers are always in need of school supplies, and at the end of the summer, WISD and the Ozone House have public donation sites where citizens can drop off usable school supplies for homeless children across the county. Also, the Ann Arbor PTO thrift shop accepts gently used school supplies.

Accepted at:

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