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Metal Lids

Metal caps that are screwed back onto their original container and metal can lids that can either be left attached to the can or secured inside a metal can are accepted in curbside recycling carts and at the Drop-Off Station and Recovery Yard. If you have loose metal lids, place them inside a can and squeeze the opening closed so that the lids won't fall out.

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Recycle Right!

Screw metal caps back onto their original glass container to ensure the metal gets recycled. These caps go through further processing to separate them from the other recyclable materials. Metal can lids will get recycled with the can only if it is still attached or secured within the metal can by squeezing the opening closed so the lids won't fall out.

Do not put loose lids in curbside recycling carts. These lids and caps are too small and flat to be sorted and recycled properly. Caps that are too small will drop through the cracks of the machines, resulting in them being treated as trash and not recycled.  Lids that are too flat could get sorted into the paper line, contaminating the paper and not being recycled into a new metal can. Securing the lid or cap ensures it gets recycled!

If you have too many loose lids that cannot be adequately secured within a can, they can be brought to the Drop-Off Station or Recovery Yard to be recycled as scrap metal.


Choose Zero Waste!

Reuse glass jars and bottles with caps are perfect for storage. Use as many times as possible before recycling.

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