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Bamboo and Palm Leaf Products

Beginning January 1, 2024, bamboo and palm leaf products such as bamboo or palm leaf utensils, toothbrushes, dish scrubbers, and hairbrushes, are no longer accepted in Ann Arbor Curbside Compost or at the Compost Center. Learn more about this change here. Only manufactured compostable products made of fiber and paper are accepted. 


Compost Right!

Choose products made with fiber and paper. Ann Arbor accepts CMA-W fiber products for composting. Find a list of currently accepted items here. If the item says that it is compostable and it is plastic, leave it out. If the item is paper or wood-based and says that it is compostable, then put it in.


Choose Zero Waste!

Eliminate the need for composting these items by using reusable alternatives. Products such as toothbrushes can also be reused for cleaning before being disposed of.

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