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Plastic Tub

A plastic tub is a rounded container that sometimes comes with a snap on lid (i.e. cottage cheese and yogurt tubs, or disposable plastic cups and individual yogurt cups). Small tub shaped items (i.e. sauce cups from take-out food) have a low chance of being recovered in the sorting facility due to their size. We recommend not putting items in that are smaller than your first. The flat snap-on lids to these containers are not accepted in the curbside recycling because they cannot be secured back onto the container in such a way that they will not pop off during transport and/or at the recycling sorting facility. Plastic tubs are accepted in curbside recycling, the Drop-Off Station, and the Recovery Yard.


Recycle Right!

Make sure your plastic tub is empty and clean. Flat snap-on plastic lids do not meet the criteria of “bottle or tub” and if put in the curbside recycling bin loose they are likely to be sorted with the paper since they are so flat and light, therefore becoming a contaminant in the paper stream.


Live Zero Waste!

Try making your own foods that come in plastic tubs to avoid packaging. Reuse plastic tubs for storage.

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