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Plastic Tub

A plastic tub is a rounded container that often comes with a snap on lid. Plastic tubs labeled #5 (PP) are accepted in curbside recycling carts and at the Drop-Off Station and Recovery Yard. Lids must be snapped back on the original container to be recycled. Do not put loose lids in curbside carts. Common accepted containers include cottage cheese, butter, sour cream, yogurt tubs, and individual yogurt cups.

Accepted Plastic Tub Types

Recycle Right!

Small tub shaped items, like sauce cups from take-out food and items smaller than your fist (3 inches) have a low chance of being recovered in the sorting facility due to their size and should not be placed in curbside recycling carts. 

Plastic tubs must be empty, clean, and dry. Secure plastic lids tightly back onto tubs. Do not put loose plastic lids in curbside recycling carts. Loose lids are too flat to make it through the recycling sorting process and will drop through the cracks of the machines, resulting in them being treated as trash and not recycled. Snapping lids back on the tub ensures they get recycled!

Plastic Tubs Lids accepted vs not accepted

Plastic containers labeled #3, #4, or #6 are not accepted because they are not recyclable. They contaminate and increase the cost of good recyclables.

Recycling plastic is confusing. Learn more about the plastic numbering system and its shortcomings on our Plastics Explained page and watch Chasing Arrows: The Truth About Recycling. This short film is a must-see for anyone trying to understand their role in plastics recycling.


Choose Zero Waste!

Reuse and repurpose unavoidable plastic jugs for non-food storage. Find ways to reduce plastic usage, switch to a reusable water bottle, opt for bar soaps, shampoos, and laundry detergent sheets, buy in larger quantities, and choose brands that use paper or cardboard packaging.

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