Zero Waste Washtenaw Program Update

In spring of 2015, Recycle Ann Arbor was awarded a grant for $19,500 by the State of Michigan Departement of Environmental Quality to focus on expanding the Zero Waste Special Events program.  This program is now known as "Zero Waste Washtenaw", which is a partnership between Recycle Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County Office of the Water Resources Commissioner, and Amcor Rigid Plastics. 

The goals of the grant and program are to: 

  • Expand the number of Zero Waste events in Ann Arbor and the surrounding Washtenaw County area
  • Aim to divert 90% of the waste from landfill at these events, with the overall goal of waste reduction
  • Build momentum for Zero Waste events to become "the norm" for all community sponsored festivals and events within Washtenaw County 

Since August of 2015, Recycle Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County have hosted 15 Zero Waste events with an average of 92% of waste diverted from landfill. Some recent event partnerships and their diversion rates include: Food Gatherer's Grillin' (92%), The City of Ann Arbor's Earth Day Festival (90%), the Homegrown Festival (97%), Superior Day (88%), and the Leslie Science & Nature Center's MayFly Fundraiser (97%). 

Do you know of an event that should be Zero Waste or are you interested in volunteering for the Zero Waste Event Team? Contact [email protected] to learn more!