How to Have a Low Waste Summer; Part 3: Daily Zero Waste Tips

How to Have a Low Waste Summer; Part 3: Daily Zero Waste Tips

There are several things you can do on an average day throughout the summer to reduce waste!

  • Always have the fab five reusables with you when you’re out and about.

  • Hang dry clothing, towels, and sheets outside.

  • Get ice cream on a cone instead of in a disposable bowl with a plastic spoon.

  • Make your own popsicles with reusable sticks or wooden sticks.

  • Stock up on local, seasonal produce. Preserve what you can by freezing and/or canning.

  • Make your own bug repellent and/or sunscreen.

Beyond reducing material waste, you can practice reducing other wastes as well this summer.

  • Capture rainwater to water your plants.

  • Take cooler showers. 

  • Walk and bike to your destinations.

  • Draw the blinds during the hottest part of the day to reduce heating up your home.

  • Turn off lights and other electronics as much as possible since they emit heat.

  • Switch to LED bulbs indoors - they use less energy and release half as much heat into the surrounding environment as compared to incandescent bulbs!

We hope these low-waste summer tips have motivated you to keep the environment in mind throughout your summer activities! Remember that if you’re just getting started on your low-waste journey these changes will take time. Start off with one or two things that work for you and next summer implement a few more. We hope you have a happy, safe, and sustainable summer!

It's Plastic Free July! 

Plastic Free July is a global campaign to motivate and encourage individuals, businesses, and whole communities to reduce single-use plastic. 

When you sign up for the Plastic Free July challenge, it doesn’t mean you’ll go completely plastic-free during July - it means you’ll pick an individual challenge that works for you. Whether you are just beginning to think about reducing single-use plastics or you are ready to approach your local government about taking action - the Plastic Free July campaign has resources for you! They also share success stories and tips from people around the world who are participating in the challenge.

Check out to sign up and join millions of others around the world who are working to reduce single-use plastic! Our Recycle Ann Arbor Facebook and Twitter will have posts focused on plastics throughout the month of July so be sure to follow us for more updates and tips.

Last year a group of Recycle Ann Arbor staff and friends did a Huron River Clean-Up trip with the help of GIVE 365. Check out our video to learn more!