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Metal cans

Metal food cans are accepted for recycling in curbside recycling carts and at the Drop-Off Station and Recovery Yard. Metal can be infinitely recycled without losing quality. Keep lids and pull tabs attached to the can to ensure they get recycled, and place loose metal lids inside the can and squeeze the opening closed so the lids can’t fall out. Common accepted metal cans include vegetable, bean, tomato, soup, tuna, fruit, and spam cans.

Click here for information about aluminum cans and aluminum foil, tins, and trays 


Recycle Right!

Cans must be clean, empty, and dry. Labels can be left on. Do not crush or flatten cans, as doing so could cause them to get mixed in with the other 2D materials such as paper. Secure lids and tabs by leaving them attached to the can or placing them inside an empty can and squeeze the opening closed. Loose lids are too small and flat to make it through the recycling sorting process and will drop through the cracks of the machines, resulting in them being treated as trash and not recycled. Securing lids ensures they get recycled!

Do not put any metal object in your curbside recycling cart other than food cans, aluminum foil, tins, and trays. Scrap metal, electronics, appliances, and other loose metal objects cannot be placed in curbside recycling carts and are only accepted for recycling at the Drop-Off Station and Recovery Yard. Scrap metal can damage machinery and cause serious injury to our workers.


Choose Zero Waste!

Use metal scraps to make art or seek out artists who use scrap metal for their projects and donate yours to them. When possible, go un-canned by choosing fresh, unpackaged produce over canned goods.

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