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Plastic Bucket

Plastic buckets are typically rigid, rounded containers that come with a snap on lid, including plastic cat litter buckets and general use 5-gallon buckets. Plastic buckets and other bulky, rigid plastics like kids’ toys and playhouses, plastic pallets, etc. are not recyclable and are not accepted in curbside recycling carts or at the Drop-Off Station or Recovery Yard.


Recycle Right!

Bulky, rigid plastic items like buckets are not recyclable. Only bottle, tub, jar, and jug shaped plastics are accepted. Do not put other shapes in curbside recycling carts or bring them to the Drop-Off Station or Recovery Yard. Even if the recycling symbol and an accepted number are on the item, these items cannot be recycled. 

Recycling plastic is confusing. Learn more about the plastic numbering system and its shortcomings on our Plastics Explained page and watch Chasing Arrows: The Truth About Recycling. This short film is a must-see for anyone trying to understand their role in plastics recycling.


Choose Zero Waste!

Reuse and repurpose unavoidable plastic jugs for non-food storage. These larger containers can be good for storing compost or drop-off recyclables like polystyrene and batteries. Find ways to reduce plastic usage, switch to a reusable water bottle, opt for bar soaps, shampoos, and laundry detergent sheets, buy in larger quantities, and choose brands that use paper or cardboard packaging. 

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